Dear Freedamnheads

My first 2010 show at Barker Hangar was about “30,000sft” venue

and upcoming show at LACC has 72,000sft, just for “Hall J”!!

Yes, Inspiration show has been growing up to “over double” in last 10 years!!

I can’t believe too, but this is the fact.

Problem is….that  it is getting hard for any exhibitors to see my “small” event floor map, printed by A4 size nomally!

I need my eyeglass, too ….

I got about 128 exhibitors now and mostly sold out!!

128 is pretty big numbers for you to watch around all booth on 2/8-9!

About 500 exhibitors will welcome to you!!

You will need some hours at least to have socialize times with very unique vintage professionals!!

That’s the Inspiration LA show, as you know well.

I hope you will enjoy a lots on 2/8-9!

Thanks again for all exhibitors who has been spending many times for my “2 night stands” event every year!

Rin Tanaka

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