Dear Freedamnheads

In So-Cal Today (1/27), it is very warm like spring days!

On PCH, many “vintage” automobile & bike people are testing his and her toys.

Watching in a bar in Seal Beach, I saw many Corvettes, Hot Rod Cars….

and now I was following a super slow bike….

“WOW, that is 1940s (?) Indian Scout !!”

He, agae around 70s, is testing such old nice buddy! COOL!

I know many vintage collectors are living the PCH area!

I  was also test-riding my 1979 H-D FXS Lowrider…..

It was just returned from Hog Killer, my favorite local repair shop, few days ago, finally!!
This Shovelhead is not fast bike any more in 2019 So-Cal heavy traffics;

its reliable speed is just around 60 MPH….

Many automobiles were passing through me!!

But …”Please go ahead! I am enjoying the SLOW way”

Anyway, I as just a motorcycle fan, hope to meet many motorcyclists during Inspiration show,

because you would be able to understand “What is Rin doing?!”

If you show your helmets at the ticket counter, you will get $5 off!

I hope it will be very warm days for you to ride on 2/8-9!

No rain, I pray!

Rin Tanaka



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