Dear Freedamnheads

Entering “2 weeks left” time, I am making the entrance decorations.

This is one of my last jobs!

From my designer in Tokyo, I just got the data “at LACC South Hall J”!

Looks good, right… like a movie “Jaws”?!

You may say “Why you pick up Jaws?”

Good Question!

“Last summer, I accidentaly saw that movie at a hotel in Salt Lake City…..At same time I was fixing my very old pool!”


I have had to make many creative works for just 2 night stands every year!

Honestly, that’s the reason I have been able to contuinue this event in last 10 years,

because I have been very enjoying such big missions!

For me, Inspiration show has been great experiences in my last 10 year’s careers!


As you know, LACC has huge spaces!

I hope you will NOT loose your way in the facility!!

“WEST Hall” will be set up by GRAMMY award people!

I mean, whole building of LACC will be busy on 2/9!!

See you soon, all Freedamnheads!

Thansk many again for our 10 years!

Rin Tanaka

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