Dear Freedamn Heads


Today, I had welcomed the first visitors to my new studios in Long Beach.

They, Cycle Zombi (Inspiration 2010-2013 exhibitor), stopped by here with skateboards and pool’s vacuum machine.

Thus, let us started photo shooting in my broken old pool: very deep, over  9 feeds.

Turkey taught me “Rin, this pool is very rare ROMAN style!”


First I met  Scotty & Turkey Stopnik bros many years ago, at the San Onofre Beach.

They were still teenagers with very pure smiles, but they already have loved vintage due to influenced by their dad!!

Since then, they have been my YOUNGEST friends in the vintage fields!

They will be our future which have been taking over vintage culture!


Thanks to them, I finished making the main visual of “Inspiration 2014” today.

I will show you “Making photos” here!


As I announced already, Inspiration 2014 will be held at LA Mart on 2/7-8/2014!

Have more fun summer first!


Rin Tanaka

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2013-08-01 07.11.30-12013-08-01 06.41.19

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