Dear Freedamn Heads!

Aloha, everybody!

How are you? I hope you doing well.

In last 3 months, I have been spending BUSY days doing big-moving jobs for the past few months. And now I am pleased to announce that Rin Studios will make a fresh start in our new location in Long Beach, CA! 

Anyway, I have just decided to hold Inspiration 2014 at LA MART in downtown L.A. on 2/7-8/2014!

LA MART is already very popular among furniture and fashion people,

but they have recently done big-renovation jobs for event use.

Let us enjoy ourselves more than ever at the new location next Feb!

I will announce details soon!
I am  very looking forward to seeing you again next Feb!

Many thanks again and have a great summer first!

Rin Tanaka

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