Hello, Everybody. How are you?

I miss you all but please stay safe first.

In this morning I got the sad news from Patty Manpearl from Ventura, CA.

She said “Michael (Manpearl of Pat & Mike: 1948-2020) passed away in this early morning (of 6/26/20)….”

Oh, no……….He has been my BEST friend in vintage clothing business.

So now I am crying……

Michael kindly called me two weeks ago.

“Rin, I can’t recover my cancer anymore. I like to say to you, SUPER THANKS and good bye…”


I first met him at Rose Bowl in 1994.

He already became “one of top vintage clothing dealers”,

and his booth was always crazy busy with many Japanese dealers.

I also loved his high-quality vintage items,

because  he had been collecting old leather jackets which I have been seriously looking for.

So I often talked with him by phone & e-mail and met him at his warehouse in last 26 years.

Actually I have took over 1000 vintage-items photos from his amazing great collections, indeed.

I couldn’t publish 24 titles without his big supports.

I miss him so much, but I like to say:

“Michael, thanks so so much again for sharing super great times with you.

You don’t  feel pains any more. Please sleep well……”

Rin Tanaka




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