Hello, everybody!

Honestly my voice has nothing to say, but “Super thanks for your joining us Inspiration 2020 on 2/7-8!”

All about 3000 audience were sooooo friendly!

I was so happy to share very “Happy 2 days” with you!


My “Promoter” job is like a conductor of Classic Music.

I have 120 exhibitors: total 500 friends.

My mission is to make all them “play perfectly” during 2 days for ticket buyers who kindly have been waiting at the long lines of 1F ticket counters.

Actually, I am very proud that all my exhibitors have been  always “very sweet” players in last 11years!

They can completely understand what my “event” direction is.


My audience have always been super sweet and very fashionable like models!

Thanks sooo much for your visiting Inspiration show from worldwide!

I am so happy I can meet you once per every Feb.!

“Long time no see! I am so happy to meet you!”


Inspiration 2021 show will be at same location on 2/12-13/2021!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Super thanks again!

Rin Tanaka



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