Dear Freedamnheads

During New Year’s days, everybody may be trying something “new”….

I am not a skeanerhead, but I just purchased a new running shoe; “VaporFly 4% Flynit” by Nike!

Yep, I seriously have been a jogging man since my teenager times to get “running high!”

Honestly, most ideas of my publishing & event things have been come out during my jogging times!


Now, Nike VaporFly is called “Revolution!” among the international jogging world.

Its US retail price is $250+tax (very expensive!), but it has been always “sold out” at Nike Towns in 2018!

Professionals tested it first,

and, I, a very amature runner, got a chance to wear it finally today….!!

WOW! Heavy CUSHIONs at the rear are very “new fresh” feeling!!

More than I expected, it is nicer!! It make me more fun at my jogging!

My time was actually going up about 30+ seconds for a mile!

Good job!!

If you are a “walking” man or woman,

this “new weapon” by Nike may work well for your daily healthy times, too!!


I have been spending huge times for any “vintage” since my aged 12 in 1982,

but unless I am always watching out “what’s new?” in my regular life,

I couldn’t find out the reason; “Why am I, 48 years old, still spending huge passions for “VINTAGE”!!

Yes, we are living in “NOW,” with “past” and “future” all together!

Rin Tanaka

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