Dear Freedamnheads

Happy New Year, everybody!!

I hope you to have a great 2019 with your all family & friends!!

I am receivinbg many e-mails from exhibitors and audience now!

Very exciting to have a upcoming show with you next month!

I just got a new issue of CLUTCH Magazine & Men’s File.

This is very heavy “2 in 1” magazine!!

Ei Publishing (owns CLUTCH, LIGHTNING magazines etc) has been exhibiting at my shows since 2010!!

They had a booth next to me!!

Also Nick (publisher of Men’s File) from UK has been always attending the show since 2010.

I remember he stopped by my apartment in San Clemente after our 1st show at Barker Hangar was done in 2010….

Thanks so much again, Matsushima-san & Nick!!

RIn Tanaka





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