Dear Freedamnheads

Many exhibitors said “Rin, the show at Barker Hangar was BEST ever….”

but I had no evidences to public if it was great show or not…

I have been a photogerapher since 1998,

but I have only one experience which I never took photos.

That was at Barker Hangar on Feb 12-13, 2010.

Yesterday, Mr. Kunihiko Aoyagi, my Japanese printing director, found super rare photos in his computer!

WOW……I remember what was happened 10 years ago…

Yes, that’s super nice show, although I, a “Rookie” promoter, was facing many issues….

Attached some photos here.

If you also keep such old photos, please send to me:

Thanks so much, Aoyagi-san!

Rin Tanaka





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