Dear Freedamnheads

I, finally, set up the main visual of Inspiration 2019.

It’s featuring : vintage “Roman-style” pool, originally built in the late 1950s, with vintage Knoll’s “1966 Richard Schultz Collection.”

Watching my pool all day long in this summer, this combination was my conclusion: one of “BEST “mid-century” pool-styles from the great old 1950s-1960s.

After the 1970s, American pool designs started taking “square-style,” like public pools, came with more family-like patio furniture.

“With bikini girl?”

That must be……old my friends would say “correct choice, Rin!”

I actually had learned such ideas from the real American “Playboy” generations at my young in the 1990s!

Thanks to American legends!!

Rin Tanaka




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