Dear Freedamnheads

I was crying last 5 days…I lost my best (Japanese) friend last Thursday…

You, So-Cal surfers, may know that “MITCHI”aki Ishida, owner of Amsterdam Wetsuit, passed away at his apartment in Dana Point CA, due to heart attack or something.

He was a very famous surfer in So-Cal surf community.

So many friends of his (and mine) are feeling so sad now.

I met him at Inspiration show on 2/9 and talked about 15-20 minutes, drinking beers together.

He looked so healthy, wearing sandals in a cold weather.

So I can’t believe why such healthy man was suddenly died…

His funeral will be held on 3/3 (Sat) 17:00-

at Fukui Mortuary

707 E Temple ST

LA CA 90012

See you there!

Rin Tanaka






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