Dear Inspiration 2014 Exhibitors

Hello! How are you?

We just started accepting Inspiration 2014 show applications!

We will move to the new location: L.A. Mart in Downtown Los Angeles. (
Check out below info with new schedules and facilities info.

If you have more questions, please e-mail me free anytime!

I am very excited to see you soon again!

Filling out the application form

and send it to

Rin Studios LLC
3130 Roxanne Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90808 USA
949-510-9434 (Tel)

1. Parking Lots

L.A. Mart (1933 Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007, has huge private parking spaces inside their facilities: main & additional parking entrances are located on Broadway. If the main parking lots will be full, additional at the east side of Broadway.
Our Special parking lot rate during my event is $12 per day.

2. Load In and Out Docks

Behind the Broadway main-entrance. L.A. Mart has a commercial load in & out docks on South Hill Street. We will have no additional setup day on Thursday (2/6/2014), but If you will bring to display huge booth decorations, you had better start setting up at 12:00 pm -5:00 pm on 2/6/2014.

3. Booth dimension

All booth will be plywood-made booth: about 11 feet high.

It is allowed for exhibitors to decorate plywood booth

a. nails (no anchors) for hanging purposes…
b. glue for attaching the wallpaper
c. paint

4. Schedule

Feb 6, 2014 (Thursday)

There will be no “additional Thursday setup day” any more, because L.A. Mart will have to setup your plywood booth first during all days on 2/6/2014, but you will be able to

1. see inside the venue before your setting up on 2/7.
2. start setting up your own custom booth

If you will not plan to make huge booth decorations, please come by at 8 am on 2/7/2014. You will have good enough 8 hours from 8 am to 4pm to finish your setup jobs.

Feb 7, 2014 (Friday)

8:00am – 4:00pm
Exhibitors’ Set Up Time

4:00pm – 9:00pm
5th Annual Preview Night

8:00pm – 10:30pm
“After Preview Party” at Alchemy Works (826 E.3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90013)

Feb 8, 2014 (Saturday)

8:00am – 10:00am
Exhibitors’ RE set-up time

10:00am – 5:00pm
“Vintage Gathering Show”

5:00pm – 8:00pm
“Sweep-Out Time” for all exhibitor’s.

7:00pm – 10:00pm
“Official After Party” at RRL Melrose (8150 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA)

5. Internet

Event space is located on the 2nd floor of L.A. Mart. Thus, my iPhone tested and worked pretty good inside the high-tech building. Probably you iPhone also would help your own credit-card services!
If you need to rent our Wifi service from us, $40 per two days!

6. Credit Card Service

You American exhibitors will get Credit Card services from any financial providers easily now. Example, paypal will accept mobile CC services through your iphone. (check

Also we will have CC service for you too, but fee is 10%. Please think about it!

7. Hotel

We are looking for our new official hotel in Downtown L.A. area. I will inform you details with our special rates later!

8. Shipping Services

Unfortunately, L.A. Mart does have any extra space for receiving exhibitors’ shipping boxes.

If you have many heavy items which need to be delivered to L.A Mart on 20/7/2014, please contact to our our official logistic company located in Downtown LA, near L.A. Mart:

LECS USA (downtown of Los Angeles, CA)
Att: Harada, Morihisa
1410 Boyd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Tel: 323-266-3333

LECS Japan(担当者:櫻木)
Tel: 0476-36-8757

Any other questions, please e-mail me!!

9. Rentals

A. Rental Applications

We will have many rental options now!!
Please download, fill out and send it till 2/1/2014.

10. Lighting

Inside L. A. Mart has just done new-renovation jobs. So their standard option plywood booth sets also has 2 headlights free-attached for 10×10. If you need more,

1. Rent additional light: $40 per a additional light
2. bring few more spot lights. All your booths have FREE energy outlets services.

11. Layout Map inside L.A. Mart

Here is the latest layout maps inside the L.A. Mart!

Layout Map


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  2. Sarah Drenca

    Hello Rin !

    Hope you’re doing well !

    I’m a vintage seller and collectors with my husband, and we plan to come to expose and sell our french workwear vintage pieces in the Inspiration Show in february. 

    We would love to rent a stand in the yellow part, antique and vintage only as our clothes are rated from 20′s to 50′s. 

    Could you just give us prices of the rent for these two days, and if possible (and available), i’ll be happy to rent a stand !

    Thanks again,

    Sarah Drenca

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