Dear PRESS Heads

Hello! We will welcome any media people from worldwide: magazines, TV, News Papers…and bloggers, but I would will take the new rules for the Internet times in this 21st century, under our “fair deals” policy as following…

1. All participants are allowed to take photos during the event, but…

Arriving the Internet times, we would like to respect much of any your “freedom of Speech,” but some exhibitors may not like you to take photos due to their privacy reasons…

Please get permissions from them before your photography or video jobs. Such “good manners” and “etiquette” would put out more smiles from audiences.

2. Sorry, but No “Press Pass” any more!

Please buy tickets and enter to the event, as like that all customers will do. (We will make receipts for you at the Will Call tents, if you require.)

3. …but you still need?!

Sorry again, there has been no press pass any more since 2013, but if you are still looking for, please contact to us ( before 3 weeks, sending with your media samples!

If you have any questions or “interview requests” to promoters, please contact to below. Thanks for your understanding and I am looking forward to seeing you on 4/12-13-2024!

Rin Tanaka
3130 Roxanne Ave Long Beach, CA 90808