Charity (Education)  Supponsor by ROOTOTE!!

Charity (Education) Supponsor by ROOTOTE!!

Good NEW for your vintage freaks! ROOTOTE, very popular “tote bag” company in Tokyo, will gift their “1000 limited” super cool “Inspiration+ My Freedamn!” bag to “local fashion collage” students, who love vintage clothing! IF you are any FASHION College students who wish to study vintage clothing worlds , please e-mail me to with […]

Our Official Hotel “The Custom Hotel”

Hello, My Freedamn! head! Our official hotel during 2day event was just selected to “The Custom Hotel” near LAX! Their name fit our event concept, but also 4 star boutique hotel! See They give us super reasonable price around $90-120 per night (plus tax and valet parking etc, but FRee internet service!) But this […]

My New Book “King of Vintage No.1: Heller’s Cafe”

Hello, Freedamn head! My New Book “King of Vintage No.1: Heller’s Cafe” (see. was just released in Japan! This 1st limited edition (vinyl-leather cover with a stencil-printed title) were printed 3000 copies only! Many stores in Tokyo were already displayed the POP “Sold OUT!” Thanks so so much for many Freedamn! heads in Japan! […]

Inspiration 2010 Event Exhibitors Lists

Inspiration 2010 Event Exhibitors Lists (Update 12.24.2009)! 13 Fashion Brand Booths Altadena Works (Hollywood, California) The Flat Head (Nagano, Japan) Glory Sales & Service Inc. (Hollywood, California) King. O. Wear (Tokyo, Japan) National Anthem (Canada) orSlow (Osaka, Japan) Standard California (Tokyo, Japan) Stevenson Overall Co. (Tokyo, Japan) Studio D’Artisan (Osak, Japan) 35 Summers Co. (Tokyo, […]