Dear Freedamn Heads

Hello! I am packing my traveling items in the suits case now.

Yes, I will leave for NYC this Wed.

I guess, many of exhibitors and audience will arrive in Brooklyn NY area on 10/16.

Probably, I will drink beers with  Ben Lisi of RRL to talk about our after-party around 6pm-9pm…..


If you have no schedule evening of 10/15,

please come by a very nice German-style Beer & live music hall

Radegast Hall & Biergarten

13 N 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Yes, let us have mini-October fes together on 10/15!!
I hope everybody will take safe trip to NYC!
See you soon!
Thanks again!
Rin Tanaka
 IMG_0506 IMG_0505

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