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I am pleased to announce that My Freedamn! 10 will have a special 500 limited edition in commemoration of the final title of My Freedamn! series, which started in 2003—–Connecting with its contents “Featuring 1980s New Wave Fashions,” I wondered last spring: “Is it possible for me to publish a WAVED plywood-cover book…?!”

It took me several steps to see if it was possible or not. First, I drove to Shizuoka, Japan to visit SAITO WOOD Co., Ltd. They have been a top-notch plywood manufacturer since 1957, but it looked like it would not be easy to complete actual products because front & back plywood covers had to fit perfectly with a waved shape! Another hard job was the binding process by KODAKA BINDING Co. in Tokyo, after the printing process. It actually took many hours for their hand-jobs, too, since no publishers had ordered such a crazy design before now!

What a beautiful special book it was when completed–much more than I expected! Don’t you think that it looks like a famous American plywood chair “Eames LCW by Herman Miller,” which had its historic first-debut in 1946?!? Yes, please consider this special edition to be a “superb decoration for mid-century fans!”

For the material, the “bird’s-eye maple,” which is famous for being very premium wood, was selected. Two color variations are available:

This special edition was totally made 500 sets, but actually 100 copies are available only in US and European markets. (400 were already pre-booked by Japanese stores.) Don’t miss such this rare opportunity!

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