Dear Freedamnheads

Only 30 days are left by 2/10-11!

I am getting excited every January in last 8 years.

Yep, my setup jobs are mostly ok,

because we already had shows at the REEF 3 times in 2013-2017.

You also know well about the Reef, too. GOOD!


Here are some photos which I took at the REEF last month.

They done new renovation last summer & fall.

So now many fixed walls were gone!

The Reef is getting busy, because their venue is well-maintained and very clean.

This is the reason we had been staying at the same location in last 3 years… probably!

Many also like their divided WALLs service.

So I can find no reasons to search for another new location for us in last 3 years… 

Sure, someday I like to set up our event at Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar again!

Thanks always!






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