Dear Freedamn Heads

Hello! How are you?

Thanks so much for your sending many kind e-mails after the event!

Last Friday, I arrived back to my lovely hometown; Yokohama Japan (where I had lived from 1975 to 1998.)

Japan is still having pretty chilly weathers, but finally I got a free day.

So after the lunch, I walked for just 5 minutes from my condo in Honmoku (of Yokohama) to stop by “Sankeien,” a super famous local Japanese-garden (not temple) , especially among flower freaks like my parents.

Another reason I visited here today is that I heard they have some rental TEA rooms for events inside their HUGE private garden park.

You may know, the original concept of “Inspiration show” when I started setting up  in 2008 was;

“Let us have TEA PARTY” with worldwide vintage freaks!

Unfortunately their rental spaces is not so big; “capacity: 50-100 people”,

but I am looking for such cool vintage spaces ….

I mean, our “Inspiration Show” will also have one more event in japan Oct of 2012 or 2013!

Plum blossom season is here now and soon cherry blossom is coming out till the end of March.

So after my spending such BEST season in Japan, I will be back to California in the middle of April.

Soon I will announce you details about next Inspiration 2011.

I hope you too have beautiful  spring soon!

Thanks so much again and talk to you later!

Rin Tanaka

This old building is being rent for event; capacity is about 50-100 people?

Unfortunately, today is chilly weather, but here is very famous garden in my hometown!


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