Dear Freedamnheads

 My doing setup jobs in last 8 years,

I have been wondering; “Wow….Why many ladies vintage dealers asking me about the exhibitor’s spaces…?!”

You know, Inspiration show was originally started featuring “Vintage Men’s Clothing show,”

because I don’t know anything about Women’s clothing! Hahahaha!

But in last 8 years, many “ladies vintage dealers” have been kindly having booth for us!

 Also women’s audience has been drastically increasing year by year: now about 40% now: Men’s 60% in total 3500 people.

I honestly don’t know why, but WONDERFUL!

I, as promoter, like to build up show with many beautiful ladies too!

You know, Inspiration is NOT “boys club” show!!


Here is a new exhibitor from Los Angeles: Hopscotch Vintage.

WOW…!! Many furs! Probably they are very collectable…..

Don’t miss the booth #327: HOPSCOTCH VINTAGE by Valerie Kaufman!!

Thanks so much, Valerie!


Rin Tanaka


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