Dear Freedamn Heads

I have been receiving many nice photo from my over 200 exhibitors now.

Yes, every vendors are thinking what items bring to the show now!! GOOD!!

Example, attached photos here from Hayabusa Cat Clother in Toyama Japan, our regular vendor from 2010-2017 .

I took photos about his original 1950s “SKULL” souvenir jacket 10 years for My Freedamn! 5.

What a amazing embroidery it was!!


Junya Demura, owner of Hayabusa Cat Clother, just made its “complete replica model” used by old Japanese machine!!

He said “We got already many orders from Japanese customers…..!!”

Wow…….You can see its sample at Inspiration show on 2/10-11.

Don’t miss it!!

Thanks again, Demura-san!


Rin Tanaka




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