Dear Freedamn Heads

Hello, folks! Thanks to your super huge supports from worldwide,

Inspiration 2011 was big successful done last Sat!

Total audience during 2 days were 2500 (2000 at Inspiration 2010)!

Not only So-Cal Locals, but also so many vintage freaks from outside LA, European and Asian countries, were gathering  at Queen Mary.

What wonderful times I also had spend with so many friends whom I haven’t seen for a while…

Plus, I met many new friends too!

Let me apologize; I couldn’t talk much with you all.  We had total 12 hours events, but times were flied so fast….

Now I am receiving many nice photos from friends and our staffs.

So let me update those photos in this website soon.

Please wait for a while.

Let me thank again to all event staffs who supports this event in the shadow, especially all kind Queen Mary staffs, Michael Taylor, Line 204…….

and many many!!

Thanks so much again and see you next Feb !

Rin Tanaka

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