Dear Freedamn Heads


In last 6 years, I have re-met many many old friends, also I got many new friends too!

This is my big motivation; why I as a show promoter, have liked to keep continuing our Inspiration show!

You know, around 3000 people coming for my show are all KOOL people only, including many BIG FACES.

During the last show, Sasha Elskenman (a photographer, worked for major magazines and ads)  kindly stopped my booth, with his new book:

“California Carls”

This book is a super nice with many beautiful California girls with their NUDES!

VERY KOOL, Sasha!!

I got super GOOD Inspiration from his great artworks!!

Sure, he will also exhibit for our upcoming event, with many girls!!!


Can’t wait by 2/12!!

Thanks again, Sasha!!


Rin Tanaka







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