Dear Freedamn Heads


I am enjoying “good busy times for our party setup “in “last 8 days”!!

I bought 1500 beer cans, 100 bottle of wines…………oh, I have to do emailing to many LADIES!!

Inspiration show was originally started as a “MEN’S VINTAGE CLOTHING SHOW” in 2010,

but numbers of LADIES audience has been drastically increased in last 7 years!

I don’t know why, but now our men & women customers is close to “60:40”!

Good job, right?!

I would like to receive more GOOD FEEDBACKs from you, men!



Exhibitors, owned by ladies owners, also have been increasing in last 7 years,

although I don’t know nothing about ladies fashions……

Here is a great example!

Inspiration Girls FIle1 : Nene California by Jeniffer Stopnik Watson

She is from Huntington Beach, CA. Yes, Scotty Stopnik’s big sister.

She is making hand-custom bags, purses, etc. in her home garage, looking after her 2 “powerful boys”!


Many American success business were born in the small GARAGE!

Don’t miss her booth on 2/12-13!!


Thanks again, Jen!


Rin Tanaka

Jen2 Jen Jen3



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