Dear Freadmn Heads


I am enjoying to make a “even postcard” with a designer in Tokyo now.

I know that postcards or flyer is very old-style promotion tool at the instagram time,

but I have been still spending  my passions to such vintage way,

because I like to see and touch it at my printer’s office!

Attached a image here for you?

“How I get it?”

Good questions, boys & girls!

Probably… you can get it at the ticket-sale counter of the REEF on 2/12!


Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing you on 2/12-13!


Rin Tanaka

INS2016_GREETINGS_BIG_8halfx5half_LA&NY_new_B++-1 INS2016_GREETINGS_BIG_8halfx5half_LA&NY_new_B++-2











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