Dear Freedamn Heads


Happy New Year, everybody!!

Probably you had great holidays with your family and friends.

I hope 2016 will be more fantastic year for everybody in the world!


Anyway, I am doing setup jobs for our upcoming Inspiration LA show on 2/12-13!

Are you ready?

I just got good photo from our event sponsor since 2010: BEAMS.

Yes, they are kindly making gift bags for us!

They will arrived at the LA Port by the end of this month!

See photo below!

It will free gifted only 1000 pieces.

So if you like to get one, you had better visit at the REEF on 2/12.

I guess all 1000 will be gone by end of 2/12 (not available on 2/13).

Thanks so so much again, BEAMS-san!


Rin Tanaka





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