Dear Freedamn Heads


Summer is reaching at first peak!

I went to crazy crowded  Hunting Beach Pier, because US Surfing Open is being held now.

I knew so many bikini girls are walking on the sand at there now,

but my main purpose was to see

“The Joel Tudor Duct Tape!”

You know, Joel Tudor appeared on the front cover of my 1st self-publishing book “My Freedamn! 1,” published in 2003.


Thanks to him, I sold over 16,000 copies!

Those numbers must be the GUINES Book record in the “high-priced self-publishing category.”  Hahahahaha!

He also join my first Inspiration show in 2010. That was the nice show in Santa Monica!


I haven’t seen him for a while,but  Joel Tudor, with whom I talked today,  was very relaxed with many smiles.

Fantastic!  (I know event hosts have to get huge stress….)

And his “Duct Tape” is very fun show!!!

Great job, Joel!!

Tomorrow (8/1) is his “Final Heat” day.

Don’t miss it, if you live or stay in So-Cal!


Rin Tanaka




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