Dear Freedman Heads


Hello! Are you ready for Inspiration 2015?

Yes, only 7 days are left by 2/6-7!

I can’t wait to see you!


Now I am setting up our party programs;


2/5  7-9pm BEFORE Party at the Stronghold in Venice CA, (FREE Drinks)


2/6   5pm-9pm  Preview Night Party at the Reef 2F

*You need Friday tickets to enter!

2/7  4pm-6pm  Mini-Colabo (free drinks) party with Vintage Fashion Expo, at The Reef 1F

2/7   7pm-9pm AFTER Party at the RRL Melrose, (FREE Drinks)


Don’t miss all parties!

Let us enjoy together.


Thanks again for party sponsors by the Stronghold, RRL and Vintage Fashion Expo!


Rin Tanaka

SH MF Flyer C


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