Dear Freedman Heads

How are you?

Probably you have been enjoying holiday season.

Mostly I have fixed  our new floor plan now.

Thanks to worldwide vintage friends, over 150 booths will be at THE REEF on 2/6-7/2015!

Can’t wait to see you!!


Let me introduce one exhibitor from Arizona: the Guitar Collector.

He will bring super high-end vintage guitars!

(You know that vintage guitars have been my big passions since early 1980s!!)

Attached sample photos here.

Can’t wait to see his amazing guitars too!!

Thanks again and happy new year soon!


Rin Tanaka


1964 Gretsch Country Gentleman, Near Mint Beatles Guitar.

1959 Gibson J200 Blonde.

1955 Gretsch 6130

1982 Gibson Les Paul 59 Guitar Trader.

1959 Maple Neck Strat Gold Sparkle Refinned by Fender 25 years ago, by Jay Black.

1958 Gibson ES 335 Dot Neck all original w/the right neck angle.






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