Dear Freedamn Heads


Today we started pre-set up on 2/6!

Everything going smoothly, thanks to my dear old friends (=exhibitors)!!

Also thanks many Freedamn heads who purchased our tickets!

I am very excited to have show a annual show with you, worldwide vintage freaks!

Actually, now many fashion people are arriving in LA!!


I have to apologize to who tried to buy at online, but couldn’t!

Sorry! Our computer was (good) shocked and freeze by such many offers.

Our server couldn’t cover with everything!

But no worry!

You should say to our ticket counter’s ladies  at 1st floor of LA Mart on 2/7-8,

but in small voice………..

“I tried buying tickets online, but I couldn’t……”

They would understand soon!!

Sure, today’s tickets will be available on 2/7-8/2014!


Thanks again for everything!

and See you soon, everybody!


Rin Tanaka




at our ticket counter (1st floor of LA Mart) on 2/7-8………..




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