Dear Freedamn Heads


I have to inform very sad news here.

Our PR director since 2011, Diane Gershuny just passed away due to the cancer….

She kindly visited my new office in Long Beach with Kathleen (of Meow) this summer.

She seemed to be completely fines, after her recovering cancer problems…..


She was working for FENDER

and her job was to edit “Fender annual catalog” in big volumes.

This was the reason I loved to meet and talk with her,

because I have been a CRAZY FENDER FAN since 1983!!

So for me, she was a very ROCK-attitude lady

and very professional PR business director.

I am so sad,

because I have been planning to put more MUSIC events, produced by  her,  during Inspiration shows……


Probably, her memorial event will be held in Long Beach next year.

If I get info, I will let you know again.


God bless to Diane!


Rin Tanaka










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