Dear Exhubitors


Are you ready for setting up?

Our setup schedule

2/7 12pm-5pm

2/8 8am-3pm

AGAIN; Don’t forget 2-3 clip lights with extension codes!!


See you soon!




  1. The Green Tease aka Vicki Godal

    Hi RIn,

    I write for the LA Examiner/ Green Life plus we do the Green Tease (green humor and commentary) and Green Geek (green kulture and vintage/upgrade trends) ….

    I can do a pre event story TODAY (2/07) for the Examiner. I need images however. If you could send me low res versions of some archive shots. (up to 20)

    I like your online shots, but they are thumbnail size (75 x 75) I need larger (500 res or less.)

    We absolutely look forward to attending and shooting while there on Saturday. You can look me up at thegreentease on youtube as well.

    Please let me know and/or send me links.

    Warm regards,

    Vicki Godal
    The Green Tease

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