Dear Inspiration 2013 Vendors

Hello! How are you?

Only 3 weeks are left by 2/7!

ARe you ready for set up??

I hope that Below info may be helpful for your setup jobs!

If any questions, please let me know.

I am very excited to have our 4th annual event with you again!

Any questions, please e-mail me free anytime.

See you son on 2/7 P12pm!

Rin Tanaka

Dear Inspiration 2013 Exhibitors

Hello! How are you?

Only 3 weeks are left till our upcoming Inspiration show on 2/7-9/2013!

Are you ready for setting up booth? I am also doing right now too!

Check out below info, which probably you may want to ask me.

If you have more questions, please e-mail me free anytime!

I am very excited to see you soon again!

Rin Tanaka (949-510-9434,

1. Bring 2-3 spotlights for 10×10!!

Inside Spruce Goose Dome is very dark, but there is FREE outlet behind your booth.

Please bring 2-3 spotlights (LED bulb proffered!) for 10×10. Also don’t forget extension cables!!


2. Booth dimension

All pipe & Drape booth has 8 feet high with black drape (curtain)


  1. 3. Schedule

Feb 7, 2013 (Thursday)

8:00am – 12:00pm

Pipe & Drape, Electric Set-Up Time
*No exhibitors won’t be able to start entering inside the Queen Mary before 12:00 when Pipe & Drape & electric are set-up first!

12:00pm – 5:00pm

Exhibitor’s Set Up Time
1 for “Custom-Built” Booth and “Heavy Items” Exhibitors

*Long Beach Cruise Terminal Area will be open on 8am-6pm on 2/8. Thurs, if you make big noise for your building “custom booth decorations,” please start setting up within 2/ 7. They will kindly open another “roll-up gate” (near the Queen Mary Hotel) on 2/7 (only). Thanks for your kind cooperation!

6:00pm to 9:00pm  KICK OFF party at Inretrospect 

(2122 East 4th Street, downtown of Long Beach)


Feb 8, 2013 (Friday)

8:00am – 3:00pm
 Exhibitor’s Set Up Time Part 2

3:00pm – 4:00pm
 Media Photography Time

4:00pm –9:00pm  
 4th Annual Preview Night for early birds

(6:00pm- 9:00pm Music Times)

*Long Beach Cruise Terminal Area will be open on 8am-6pm on 2/8. Thurs, Our music will start from 6pm on 2/8! Thanks for your kind cooperation!

Feb 9, 2012 (Saturday)

8:00am – 10:00am
 Exhibitor’s RE set-up times

10:00am – 5:00pm
 “Vintage Gathering Show”

5:00pm – 8:00pm
 “Sweep-Out Time” for all exhibitors.

6pm – 9 pm? “After Party” at somewhere in LA!

4. Internet

Spruce Goose Dome is located on the ground floor. Thus, my iPhone worked good inside the Dome.  Probably you iPhones also would help your business!

If you need to rent Wifi service from us, $40 per two days!

5. Credit Card Service

You American exhibitors will get Credit Card services from any financial providers easily now.

Example, will accept iphone CC service. (check

Also we will have CC service for you too, but fee is 10%.  Please think about it!

6. Hotel

a. Queen Mary Hotel…Unfortunately, we haven’t received any cooperate discount code yet…. But you would find and get the lowest price (about $130 + Tax) from google service….

b. Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance….$159+Tax

We Inspiration staff have been staying at Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance. This is the most comfortable 3-stars hotel we have found since 2011. I guarantee you will get luxury sleep!  It will take about 15-20 minutes drive to the Queen Mary.

You can make reservation from

Cooperate code is RIN.

c. If you are looking for hotel under the $100 budget, NEW GARDENA HOTEL is recommended!


7. Shipping

If you have many heavy items which need to be delivered …

  1. Ask to your hotels first.
  2. Or contact to our official shipping company:

LECS USA (downtown of Los Angeles, CA

Att: Harada, Morihisa

1410 Boyd St.

Los Angeles, CA 90033

Tel: 323-266-3333

LECS Japan (担当者:櫻木)

千葉県成田市本城83-26  Tel: 0476-36-8757

 Any other questions, please e-mail me!!

Rin Studios LLC

210-b Calle de los Molinos
San Clemente, CA 92672
Tel & Fax: 949-492-4564
Mobile: 949-510-9434

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