Dear Fredamn Heads!

Good evening, everybody!

This afternoon, I got a new issue of  a Japanese CLUTCH magazine (Sep of 2012).

WOW, they are big featuring my favorite VINTAGe clothing and culture!!

Viewing inside front pages, our exhibitors, customers and friends  were interviewed:

Uchida-san (Jantique), Yamada-san (Ber Ber Jin), Mr. Larry McKaughan (Heller’s Cafe), Sunao Okamoto-san (WEsco Japan), Kinji Teramoto (35 Summers) …….and me?!!

I just remember that I checked through their proofs one weeks ago…..

How fast their article coming out after the end of editorial stage!!

Drinking beer, I am still enjoying to read other articles now…

Please check out details at your local Japanese bookstores soon!

Thanks many again, Matsushima-san!

Rin Tanaka





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