Dear Freedamnheads!

Hello! Tokyo is very hot now!!
How is your city?

Now I am preparing to set up the next Inspiration 2013, on 2/8-9/2012.
As I already announced, we will upgrade to Spruce Goose Dome, net to the Queen Mary Hotel.
Soon, I will start accepting exhibitor’s applications.
Let me attached photos inside Spruce Goose Dome.
It is larger thank the Queen Mary and Barker Hangar,
but problems would be very DARK…
I am thinking ho to set up additional lighting now,
but exhibitors will need bring more additional spot lights.
(Energy outlet fee will be included your booth fee!)

However, I am very exited to have to new location with worldwide vintage freaks!

Have a great summer, first!

Rin Tanaka from Tokyo

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