Dear Freedamn Heads

Hello, Everybody!
Sorry for my non-updating.
I just done all my editorial jobs for My Freedamn! 10, released in Japan on 7/1 and in worldwide market in this summer.

Japanese CLUTCH magazine featuring our Inspiration 2012 now!
I just remember again how fun we had great vintage meeting with 2600 vintage freaks this feb….
Thanks for big supporting by CLUTCH magazine!!

Rin Tanaka


  1. rin

    We just started accepting application for Inspiration 2013! If you are interested in, please check “Exhibitors Guide!! Thanks again and have great summer!

  2. musi indacochea

    I would like to know what is new on

    interior design
    mens swimwear and beachwear

    I said that but i didn’t get an answer, I would really love to know the news on these themes if possible

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