Dear Freedamn Heads
Good News!
“Dennis Owens” will play DJ at our KICK-OFF Party:
inretrospect on the 4th street of LB
2/9 7-9pm!

About Dennis,
check his face book!
Dennis Owens will play DJ at our KICK-OFF Party(inretrospect on the 4th street of LB) on 2/9 7-9pm!
About Dennis,

As I know, he is a SOUL/Funk music specialist!
That’s my favorite field too!!

You can get FREE Drinks and FREE foods from number nine!
So after the sunset time on 2/9,
please come by the our kick-off party, big supported by Inretrospect & number nine!!!
Yes, we will have TRIPLE Party days from 2/9-11!!
See you soon!

Rin Tanaka


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