Dear Freedamn Head!

Reviewing our fantastic experiences at the last 2nd annual show, we Inspiration staff thought a great deal about how to let vintage freaks have even more fun during our next event… One of our new challenges is to hold a “Vintage Auction,” which has been a very popular form of entertainment for adults in American or European hobby worlds.  So you might have “no questions” about our idea.

For this first try at holding an auction, we’ve prepared a total of 41 items, focused on BASIC vintage from the1930s to 1950s, including Levi’s 501XX, worker’s uniforms, military sweatshirts, souvenir jackets, etc… You may think “Rin, we vintage clothing enthusiasts have been focusing on more extreme rare items from around the WWI era…”  Wait a minute, friends!  I understand such a phenomenon has continued for many years, but you know, popular vintage items from American mid-century times have been our “bread and butter” for over 30 years since the 1980s.  So now, for everyone’s entertainment, I am personally very interested in paying back a lot of attention to such items: how much business potential do 1950s items still have left…?

Any live auctions require good bidders to make them successful and exciting. I also would like to try a much deeper theme for the 2nd auction, if we can share a fruitful experience together this time. So, please support this first trial auction for our industry features. Thanks always, folks!

Rin Tanaka

*Final auction prices will be updated at by the end of Feb. 2012.



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