Dear Freedamn Heads


Only 18 days are left till our kick off party on 2/9 now!

Sure, I am setting up many “Entertainment” things for you now.


One of my new ideas, we will have the “World Smallest but Koolest” hot rod party with Duce-Time HOt Rod Cars only!

At our “Green Glass Parking”  area where it is located “15 seconds walk” from the entrance/ exit area.

(This area will be also stayed by our FOOD TRUCKS  during event! So everybody will visit this area!)

Held  on 2/11 10:00am-4:00pm.

I am asking to friends of mines who own old Fords, around 1927-1934.

I already found EIGHT and more…….

If you have old FORD in 1920s or 1930s, please come by the event on 2/11!

I will gift you FREE ticket!!

Of course, our event will be welcome your old cars & Motorcycles!!!!

Rin Tanaka



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