Dear Freedamnheads

In this morning, I drove up to Ventura in good Sat traffics.

Before end of this year, I really wanted to meet my best “motorcycle jacket” friend, Mr. Michael Manpearl.

He has been the BEST vintage dealer in LA area since the 1990s, and

he has been given me sooo many great “photo sessions” since 1998.

Actually I have been to his warehouse over 150 times in last 20 years, seriously. I had learned so much: how to take product photos at his warehouse during  my “just beginning” years.

I was super lucky: I got soooo many great opportunities to touch very rare vintage items at his warehouse.

In fact, I have published 24 titles, thank to his huge supports!

Unfortunately, Michael has been struggling with his cancer in last 3 years…. Honestly, I am missing him for years!!

But Today, he was able to drive up in town with me.

He seems to be getting little bid better now….(I seriously hope!)

Probably he will be able to join us on 2/7-8!!

He said to me “I am getting a cancer, but I am still buying vintage! Hahhahaha!”

Super Nice!!

See you soon, Michael!

Rin Tanaka





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