Dear Freedamnheads

I just got bad news, unfortunately….

Scott Corey (of Santa Fe Vintage: 1951-2019), just passed away due to his cancer….

He had been our regular exhibitor at our Queen Mary & the Reef times.

6 years ago, I visited Santa Fe to take photo session with him for my magazine article about “Vintage Coleman Lantern.”

After that, I drunk lots of tequila with him, talking about music.

Scott: “I was living in San Diego and making a living as a side guitarist to play Soul music.”

Me: “Like a Steve Cropper (of Stax)? ”

Scott: “Exactly!! I was very good at side guitar, but I got hand issues… So I quite the music job and moved to Santa Fe to start the vintage clothing business over 30 years ago….”

What a super fun night I had spent with him till the mid-night ….

This spring, I e-mailed to him. He never told me about his cancer.

I asked him “Please come back to the show again. We miss you.”

He said “Sure! I will be there”

I can’t say anything now, but we loved you, Scott….

Rin Tanaka



  1. Cheryl Corey Shoff

    I love reading the stories of my dear brother. I’d love to read the story you wrote about him that you mentioned. Scott will forever be in our family’s hearts, his great story telling, his laugh, his deep voice, his music, his love for Vintage, his love for his family and friends. As hard as it was seeing him sick, it was a blessing to be able to be with him, even if it was sitting by his bed at home or in the hospital. It still doesn’t seem real! We miss you Uncle Hobo, as his great nieces and nephews called him.  ❤️

  2. Joel Foy

    I met Scott when we were both playing guitar in and around Eugene, Oregon in the late seventies. It’s interesting that you mentioned your and Scott’s comments about Steve Cropper. Scott’s sense of time was phenomenal. In a lifetime of playing music I can think of only a couple of folks I’ve played with who possessed such flawless internal clocks. One was the legendary Larry Taylor who played bass with everyone from Canned Heat and Jerry Lee Lewis to the legendary Hollywood Fats band, not to mention his session work with the Monkees. Coincidentally, Larry passed away just a couple months before Scott. Another was Louise Rowe, the only female instrumentalist to ever have been on Bob Wills’ payroll as both a bass player and a vocalist. Like them, Scott’s time was intuitive and rock solid.

    More significant than his abilities as a musician and businessmen, Scott was a rock solid friend – smart, funny, helpful to those in need, and imminently loyal. I stayed with him for a few weeks in Leucadia, California in the early 80’s until I found my own place. We were all shocked last summer when he was diagnosed. The second shock came this month when he passed away not long after beginning chemo. I last spoke to him a week or so before the end. He was still working and still sounded strong although his treatment had taken a toll on his spirit. His loss has literally been felt from coast to coast. Like everyone close to him, I felt fortunate to have counted him as a friend.

  3. Kelsey Gendron

    Well,i had emailed Scott.I had another cool find.No word,no word.Oh i thought,he is out digging and driving,scouting around.No word.I typed his name into a bar i dont usually use,and found him.The last time we spoke over a deal it was always the same,”sounds good to me”.Yes,sir I’d say,a good deal. He was one of the most humble,kind,fair-traders i had ever met,and i had met alot.Tonight the we are one more short of good kindness given here on earth.He will be missed.To his family and extended community i am giving all my love and respect for someone who was true blue.sincerely,kelsey joan

  4. Susanne Lara

    Hey Cheryl. This is Susy Lara. My husband Miko & myself were friends of your brother Scott. Scott was a remarkable person. My husband died in February 6th of this year. Miko & I had Great Respect & Love for Scott. I have been thinking of Scott the last few days. Knowing his Birthday is next week. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for You & Your Family.

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