Dear Freedamnheads

I just got bad news, unfortunately….

Scott Corey (of Santa Fe Vintage: 1951-2019), just passed away due to his cancer….

He had been our regular exhibitor at our Queen Mary & the Reef times.

6 years ago, I visited Santa Fe to take photo session with him for my magazine article about “Vintage Coleman Lantern.”

After that, I drunk lots of tequila with him, talking about music.

Scott: “I was living in San Diego and making a living as a side guitarist to play Soul music.”

Me: “Like a Steve Cropper (of Stax)? ”

Scott: “Exactly!! I was very good at side guitar, but I got hand issues… So I quite the music job and moved to Santa Fe to start the vintage clothing business over 30 years ago….”

What a super fun night I had spent with him till the mid-night ….

This spring, I e-mailed to him. He never told me about his cancer.

I asked him “Please come back to the show again. We miss you.”

He said “Sure! I will be there”

I can’t say anything now, but we loved you, Scott….

Rin Tanaka


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