Dear Freedamnheads

I have to apologize one thing to you.

In last 6 years, I have had to go to LAPD many times to get alcohol permission,

but I don’t have to go any more,

because LACC, the Union building, doesn’t accept any free drink service, even if under the name of “charity.”

I requested to them “Ok..I don’t touch any alcohol & soda, but water is ok, right? That’s the health reason for my audience…”

They answered “NO, but we will need to sell at $4-5!!!”

It mean that selling water make big profit for them, indeed.

Honestly, I have no idea….I can’t do anything for you!

But we will have the PARTY everynight.

If you need beer or wines, please drink at the party!

Sorry again!

Rin Tanaka



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