Dear Freedamnhead

Enter “2 weeks left” times, I am testing our music systems…

I am preparing 3 sets for 1F & 2 F entrances and DJ booth!

This is big job, but I love it!!

What will be our opening song at 4PM on 2/8?

Good Question!

“Respect” by Aretha Franklin!

She had been the “Queen of Soul Music” for long decades!!

For long years, I have been receiving huge passions from her wonderful voice!!

I still respect her!

“Rin, your music was always loud!”


I am so sorry but nobody makes me stopped,

because I have been crazy music addict since my junior highschool times…!

And I came over to USA to learn about American music life, 28 years ago….

Can’t wait to see you by 2/8-9!

Thanks many again!







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