Dear Freedamnheads

In last 10 years, many sponsors have been kindly donating “very nice!” SAMPLES to us!

For our upcoming show on 2/8-9, I am preparing give-away items: “Beams Bag,” “Levi’s Books”….

And now, my designers in Tokyo are making the special “Wooden Ruler” by Universal Button Co. (YKK)!

Its cost very expensive!!

but about 300 early birds (only!) will get it at the ticket counter on 2/8!!

I just got a sample photo from Tokyo









Very nice!

I also making special giveaway “Postcard: Designing Buttons” for you, too!









































Well-edited by Rin Tanaka, right?

Because… my business have been upgrading to “4 in1” way; editor,Japanese & English writer, photographer all in…. last 29 years!!

Thanks so much again, YKK-san!

Rin Tanaka


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