Dear Freedamnheads

Party Info 2!

As the same schedules in last 10 years, RRL Melrose, of course, will have big “AFTER” party for us at 7-10pm on 2/9/2019!!

This will be our 10th (+2 in Brooklyn, NY) “AFTER” party at RRL!

WOW! I like to big thank to all of RRL staff!! They had been always serving “super kind” hospitality to us!!


“10 times” means….their designers working at the”Madsion Ave” office in NYC had made 10 “flyer graphics” for our party announcements!

WOW, thanks so much.

I had always received good feeling on their impressive jobs!

Ok, let us look back their art works Below!

Thanks again, Ben!!

Rin Tanaka

RRL Melrose Flyer 2016

RLL Flyer for 2015



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