Dear Freedamnheads

Hello! Long time no hear!

In last few monthes, I have 5 meeting at our new location: LA Convention Center.

They are located next to super famous: Staples Center!

You can see their huge BLUE buildings at I-110 East Bound’s Downtown area.

Indeed, LACC are huuuuuge facilities, more than I knew.

Its WEST HALL (Grammy Award will used around our dates:2/8-9) was built in the 1970s; very nice “vintage” building now!,

but South Hall (included our space “J”) was added in the early 2000s: with modern Lighting.

Their building must have been designed by famous artitechs.

So inside is very bright with sun beams!

I always feel “very good!” at my visiting LACC.

Attached some photos I took yesterday.

They were setting up “Dinasour Exhibition”! WOW!!

Rin Tanaka






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