Dear Freedamnheads

Good news!

I got “Charity Party Approval” from LAPD today!

Yep, Finally!!!

As schedule, Inspiration 2018 show will be officially held at the REEF on 2/9-10!!

You know, how many times I have been to LAPD located in South Downtown?!

“4 TIMES” in last 30 days, although I did nothing wrong.

So LAPD are very soft and kind to me now!

Thanks to LAPD, during charity party time by LA Works,

all drinks will be served FREE to you! Very NICE, right?!


About tomorrow, 2/8 will be a just “SETUP” day for my staff, rental company and fashion & Jewelry exhibitors only.

No more “super early DEALS” among vintage people during setup time on Thursday.

Please understand!

All vintage exhibitors will start setup jobs from 8am-4pm on 2/9!!

And Early bird customers will get in at 9am on 2/9.

Let us test “2 days deal” (not 3 days) in this year!


Tomorrow night we will have 2 parties at

1. Schott La Brea Store

2. the Stronghold in Venice

Sure I will go too!

Thanks many again and See you soon!

Rin Tanaka







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