Dear Freedamnheads

Sound check, sound check…..

What am I doing “before 8 days” now!

Good question!

One of my big tasks during the show has been “setting up the music systems.”

Like 2010 show, I would love to bring my vintage speaker again: 1959 JBL Hartsfield,

but unfortunately the REEF is not a high-ceiling venue…

Thus, since the 2015 show,  I have been setting up 3 sets of min-music systems by NEW JBL.

Over 200 nice music, selected by me, is already programed in my SPOTIFY account.

If you have a SPOTIFY account, follow me: “Rin Tanaka.”

(You can open the account FREE.)

All songs are very kool, right?

They will be played during upcoming our 2 days show on 2/9-10!!

You know, I used to be a music-magazine writer.

I have been learning a lot of GREAT old American music on the road!!!


Thanks, American Music lovers, who taught me great SENSE!

Rin Tanaka



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