Dear Freedamn Heads

Long time no hear!

In this spring & summer,

I have been riding on PCH from Long Beach to Huntington Beach by my bike everyday!

That was worth to ride, because you can see beautiful beach scene with bikini girls sometime!

Entering fall, I got very kind offer from Jerome Jacques, our show exhibitor.

“You can sell your books at my store, as you like!!”

He just opened the new fashion-culture boutique in Downtown LA,”

named “article indefini.”

787 Alameda St, Downtown Los Angeles

His new store is located inside brand-new new culture complex on Alameda St. between 7th & 8th.” Yes, next to ex-American Apparel’s large building.

This weekend, on 9/23-24, this new building people has big opening event!

If you have times, check out this new spot in Downtown LA!!

Sure, I will go to there too, maybe tomorrow (Sat)?!

I can say…. “This is very potential business complex in the next 5 year?!”

Have a great weekend first!

Rin Tanaka


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