<!--:en-->Our STAFF jackets was just arrived!<!--:-->

Our STAFF jackets was just arrived!

Dear Freedamn Heads Our Staff jackets were just arrived in our office! Thanks so much again for our uniform sponsorship by Standard California (Mr. Akudo)!! Attached photo (Model: Mr. Maekawa of My 24/7) by Nobu Very nice, isn’t it? Sorry this is not for sale items… Rin Tanaka Rin Tanaka FacebookTwitterPinterest

<!--:en-->Tickets are being sold many now!! Thanks! <!--:-->

Tickets are being sold many now!! Thanks!

Dear Freedamn Heads Thanks to your big supports, our on-line ticket business is in busy condition now! Also we Inspiration staffs received our event uniform from  one of our sponsorships; Standard California! Thanks so so much, Akudo-san! So we are ready to start our VINTAGE freaks event “Inspiration 2011” soon; 6 days later; 2/11-12! Fortunately, […]